Tales of Tails


'Tales of Tails' is a documentary which promotes the "adopt dont shop" campaign within Ireland. Ireland is currently facing a crisis where the number of stray and unwanted dogs is increasing each year. What people fail to realise is that a dog is a being with its own feelings and emotions. Dogs are not a toy which you get for christamas just to soon grow bored of and 'throw away'. This documentary aims to promote this by showcasing all the amazing individial peronalities and traits dogs carry.

This piece is in collaboration with Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary in Ballymun which was set up by founder Maggie in 1987 when she realised how much need there was to home stray and unwanted dogs. Featured in the documentary are many dogs from Dogs Aid who are currently looking for their forever homes.

For this documentary I took on the role as producer, camera operator and editor. 

Premiering at Rua Red, Tallaght May 18th @3pm