Studio Photography

Beautiful Object Photographs

This is a collection of three stand alone photographs, one which features a small bunch of lillies, and two which feature a wax figure of a female body. 

These 'beautiful object photographs' play with themse of framing and light in an aim to capture these objects in their most beautiful form, therefore being titled 'beautiful object photographs'. 


This is a collection of three stand alone portraits, each carrying a different theme. 

Portrait 1 is entitled 'Neo Light'. It is a play with colours which coordinate with the films of neo noir, giving it a futurustic feel.

Portrait 2 is entitled 'Caged In'. It is about the hands and claws trying to cave the subject in. Peeping through the cage of claws we see the girls bright blue eyes which contrast the red claws that try to keep them hidden.  

Portrait 3 is entitled 'Sweet Danger'. It tells us the story of the addiction of smoking and the sweetness of enjoying a cigarette under its addiction. The red theme within the photograph symbolises the danger.