Dublin City Parks

'Dublin City Parks' is an ecological documentary photography collection which is centred around the notion of human residue left within parks in Dublin. It examines the relationship between human and nature, how humans crave and need nature yet can turn to destroy and alter it to their desire.

This project is an environmentalist art project in that it aims to send the message that parks are a manufactured state of nature placed into society to cover up the destruction of mother nature’s land for means of recreational building. These parks are put in place to fill the void of nature within these built up areas that were once natural nature environments of their own. This photography collection deconstructs the parks themselves, analysing the minor elements which then create the large nature filled space.

Whilst exploring these parks within the city I noticed that these man-made parks are quite so clear that of man-made nature. There are many elements within Dublin parks which point to human altercations within nature.